Hi, I’m Alex,

As a dedicated content creator and editor, my passion for cigars runs deep. This passion was ignited by my grandparents, who were both fervent cigar enthusiasts. Growing up surrounded by their love for cigars, I naturally developed a profound appreciation for them.

Rodsty Cigar

In the 1990s, my grandfather often introduced me to Cuban cigars, which captivated my interest and led me to delve deeply into the rich culture of cigars. Through meticulous study and exploration, I became thoroughly enchanted by the world of cigars.

For me, cigars symbolize a way to unwind and savor the pleasures of life, and perhaps they do for you as well. Here, I aim to share my extensive knowledge and personal experiences with cigars, hoping to guide you towards discovering exceptional cigars and pipes.

I want to Say

Hello, friends, I’m Alex, the founder of this website. For us who cherish cigars, they are more than a mere indulgence; they embody a unique lifestyle. We often relish the peaceful moments that cigars bring during our leisure time or share this joy with our companions. However, it’s vital to acknowledge the potential health risks associated with cigars.

Smoking, including cigars, carries inherent health risks such as heart disease and various forms of cancer. Thus, while you indulge in cigars, I urge you to remain conscious of your health. Enjoy this hobby in moderation to ensure it doesn’t become a significant burden on your well-being. Let’s enjoy our passion for cigars responsibly, with an awareness and respect for our health.