Honduras-made Gran Habano #5 Corojo is a premium cigar line with over 15 vitolas sold. In 2013, they produced the Gran Habano #5 El Gigante, which measured three feet wide by 19 feet long and was wrapped in an estimated 16,000 tobacco leaves. You’re gonna need a bigger humidor.


While El Gigante may be too hefty for an everyday smoke, has many of the larger Gran Habano #5 Corojos in stock — including the Churchill (7 inches), Grandioso (7 inches), Lancero (7.5 inches) and Triumph (7.5 inches). Expect more than two hours of smoking time on any of these top-end vitolas.

Based out of Honduras, Gran Habano Cigars is known for their expertly crafted boutique cigars made to the highest standards. The Gran Habano #5 Corojo represents a true top-of-the-line premium cigar from the factory’s portfolio; it’s full-bodied without becoming overpowering.


Available in packs of five and boxes of 20, buy as many sticks as you need to fill your humidor, especially if you like some variety or need to restock your collection. Also try other cigars under Gran Habano #5 brand from like Gran Habano Gran Reserva #5 and Gran Habano #5 Maduro.


Look for sweetness on the cold draw, reminiscent of freshly grilled glazed meats sprinkled with pepper; it’s perfect for a summertime smoke that carries a little extra heat through red chili spice on the light-up. The palate is left teased and tingling with anticipation after lighting up this bad boy.


The #5 Corojo lights up much as one would expect: lots of chili-hot peppery notes on the front end that stick around into the retrohales – at which point you can choose your own heat for the first inch or so. The profile quickly fills out to include more of a rounded creaminess, with some palate-tingling sparkles of its own that keep things interesting throughout the smoke.

Midway through, the sweetness detected on the cold draw begins to escalate, introducing caramel flavors into the creamy fray. An even burn and ample smoke production ensure a good BBQ glaze taste is had by all.


Gran Habano #5 Corojo becomes almost serene in the second third, allowing you just to sit back and enjoy the ride with its smooth creamy smoke. The sweetness continues to rise and around the middle of the stick becomes a predominant flavor.

Past midpoint, earthy tones start to come through against creaminess and sweetness. It’s like balancing fresh berries with syrup or icing after a first third of glazed meat — perfect dessert.


The burn line stays even as this cigar enters its final 2-3 inches. The strength grows into upper-medium territory here, still driven by sweet notes but now also kicked up by bursts of red chili flake. Smoke production remains high enough that retrohales can be used to determine desired amount of chili heat.


Gran Habano #5 Corojo works with you, not against you. There’s enough smoke and spice to keep things interesting, but enough sweet creaminess and syrupiness to let you kick back and puff away until the end — you’re in control.

Stock your humidor with boxes of 20 or grab packs of five for a quick refill; #5 Corojo is a great way to get acquainted with Gran Habano Cigars, not to mention an easy go-to once it has made friends with your palate!

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