How To Smoke A Cigarillo

The world of cigarillos is continuously growing, with premium varieties frequently being introduced. Even though cigarillos are small, there are many unique blends to explore. We recommend trying at least one.

In this chat, we’ll dive into the history of cigarillos, how to enjoy them properly, what to pair them with, and much more.

The History of Cigarillos

Cigarillos have a long history, although the exact origin is unclear. The term “cigarillo” dates back to 1832! Since Spain once dominated the cigar market, it’s likely that cigarillos have Spanish roots. They quickly gained popularity across Europe and worldwide.

How To Smoke A Cigarillo

Initially, strict regulations required cigarillos to be hand-rolled, limiting production. However, in the 1950s, laws relaxed, allowing machine production, which boosted their global popularity. Their convenience, being smaller and quicker to smoke than standard cigars, makes them perfect for the traveling smoker.

What is a Cigarillo?

A cigarillo is a mini cigar with many of the same characteristics as a standard cigar. They range from three to five inches in length, making them quick to smoke. Wrapped in tobacco leaves or paper, they lack filters.

How to Smoke a Cigarillo

Once you have your pack of cigarillos, take one out and place the end between your lips. Light the tapered end using a lighter or match. Should you inhale? Just like a normal cigar, you shouldn’t inhale cigarillo smoke—it’s a mini cigar, after all.

Cigarillo Etiquette You Need to Know

Cigarillo etiquette slightly differs from standard cigar etiquette. While cigars are often enjoyed after dinner, cigarillos are perfect for cocktail parties or casual settings. They burn quickly due to their small size, making them ideal for informal occasions.

Don’t rush through a cigarillo; savor the flavors. Remember not to smoke during meals and always knock ash into an ashtray. If sharing, offer the box to fellow smokers instead of handing out individual cigarillos, and provide your lighter or matches rather than lighting for them.

What Can You Pair with a Cigarillo?

Like standard cigars, cigarillos pair well with various drinks and foods. When choosing a pairing, consider flavors and strengths. For instance, a full-bodied cigarillo pairs nicely with a strong beverage, while a lighter smoke goes well with prosecco or champagne.

It’s best to enjoy a cigarillo after a meal. For example, a Davidoff Nicaragua Primero, which is rich and full-bodied, pairs well with scotch or bourbon, enhancing its flavors.

Top Cigarillos for Beginners

If you’re new to smoking cigarillos or looking for future options, there are many to choose from. These sticks often come in stay-fresh tins or pouches, ensuring a decent shelf life.

Davidoff Cigarillos

Known for luxury, Davidoff offers a line of hand-crafted cigarillos in various styles and flavors. The Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Silvers, with aged long-leaf fillers from Brazil and Indonesia, provide a creamy and smooth smoke.

ACID Cigarillos

ACID Cigarillos, infused with herbs and botanicals, offer unique flavors. The ACID Frenchies, made with Sumatra wrappers and Nicaraguan binder, are particularly popular.

Montecristo Classic

Montecristo is a renowned brand offering the Montecristo Classic Mini Cigarillos, perfect for smokers of all levels, balancing flavor and convenience.

Ashton Cigarillos

Ashton creates medium-bodied cigarillos in Belgium using African tobacco. These are ideal for those seeking a luxury smoke on the go.

Swisher Sweets

A famous American brand since 1958, Swisher Sweets offers a range of flavors like chocolate, peach, and cherry. Their Original Cigarillos are a sweet and affordable choice.

Remember, our brand RODSTY, written by Grace, always strives to provide you with the best smoking experiences. Enjoy exploring the world of cigarillos!

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