By the year 2023, becoming a novice in the cigar world can be quite intimidating. People have their own favorite brands and if you asked ten different people about the same cigar, they would give ten different versions of it to you .You will not know what you like until you try everything or at least attempt to.

On our website, we encourage beginners to really explore other wrappers, strengths, flavors etc. This is the only way that can help one find his/her perfect profile. While many recommend going smooth and mellow I somewhat disagreed with them. Try different levels, from distinct makers and various prices.

As a starting point for your maduro journey, Ashton Aged Maduro is great choice. It is a high-end premium smoke hand-crafted by famous Fuente Family. The use of dark Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper followed by aged Dominican filler and binder tobaccos adds more character to this smoke. This smoke is creamy and smooth with a nice mellow strength all through. Notes of dark chocolate, coffee beans, espresso shots are released by its maduro wrapper plus there’s a sweet finish too. This is an excellent example of how a light-bodied maduro cigar can function as well as being a high quality smooth cigar for newbies?

The Padron 1926 could be one of the most classy cigars available out there right now. I know what you are thinking; it might be too expensive for someone who just wants to start smoking cigars? While Padrons carry some heavy price tags on them as soon as one gets fire on it they realize where their money went wrong! Aged to perfection using nothing but the finest Nicaraguan tobacco in the world are these cigars! The maduro version has been completed with an exquisite-looking Nicaraguan maduro wrapper on top of it all though! It’s also rich in flavor containing notes of cream chocolate while possessing a slight sweet spice to it as well. Watch out when dealing with Padron because one will not be sufficient.

The La Flor Dominican Double Ligero has a strong taste. Its use of ligero tobacco ranks it at 9/10 on the strength scale. However, its unique chisel shape creates an incredible smoking experience and gives just the right amount of smoke per puff. If you want to have a little fun then punch the tip and watch the smoke shoot out both ends. It is covered in an oily Ecuadorian maduro wrapper. While many maduro cigars lean towards rich sweetness, this Chisel’s flavor profile relies more on spice than anything else Honed notes of pepper, leather, spice and hint of espresso make this a multifaceted smoke that can be appreciated by virtually anyone here. This will test how far you want to go in terms of strength.

Partagas Black has been the king of full bodied cigars for many years now. It still remains a top choice among maduro enthusiasts who prefer full-bodied cigars. It is as bold as it gets and it looks exactly like jet black. Its wrapper can be a first time smoker’s delight. But you know what? In fact, it’s a combination of maduro and sun-grown, leaving hints of rich chocolate with slight zesty spiciness to give your palate some love too. This is not the kind of cigar that either the beginner or the seasoned veteran can lightly take on. Have one after a heavy meal and with a nice drink.

I can almost read the minds of several people here thinking why doesn’t he choose Liga Privada No. 9? I felt that I should have introduced some low-priced smokes to offset some of the higher priced ones and technically Undercrown is nearly just that cigar but with minor adjustments made on them. Undercrown is an amazing medium body smoke created to serve as the everyday equivalent for the legendary Liga. It could be one of the most attractive cigars ever produced; its maduro wrapper is jet black without any blemish or thick veins noticeable in it at all. It burns evenly all through while producing an excellent amount of smoke . Every connoisseur has one in his humidor almost always.

Why o why would I suggest this to a beginner? Well, because there isn’t anything else like it on earth! Camacho Triple Maduro was the first ever cigar rolled using only maduro tobaccos. Yes you heard me right! The filler, binder and wrapper are made from dark, rich maduro tobacco by hand in this case therefore making it quite heavy, dense and powerful additionally very smoky at least above everything else! This is definitely an outside smoke; otherwise you won’t even see past two feet within any given room.. If you are a fan of maduro, this is essential.

When I first started in the business, I was given an Onyx Reserve to try out and it made me fall in love with maduro tobacco. Even though this brand appears not to be known by the latest cohort of cigar enthusiasts today, it has remained one of my favorites. It makes for a great easygoing smoke with strong flavors of dark chocolate, coffee, and cream. This is perfect for the beginner on a budget who does not want to go for very expensive cigars or the true aficionado looking for an everyday smoke.

If you want a cigar that is tasteful, has good price and is steady in quality then Perdomo brand is the best for you. I have not yet smoked any cracked or funky burned Perdomo. Maduro wrappers are what Nick has done wonders with; he even put them on at least one stick per line within his portfolio. My personal favorite would be 20th Anniversary maduro. It utilizes aged Nicaraguan tobacco which features smooth and slightly oily pure Nicaraguan maduro leaf. Every draw pours forth an intense bouquet of flavors like leather, earth, espresso and a touch of sweet spice.

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