Tips for Driving with a Cigar


Can You Smoke in a Car?

Yes, you can smoke in a car as long as it doesn’t distract you from driving and the windows are open to release the smoke for clear vision. Some states have restrictions if you have kids with you, but otherwise, you’re good to light up.

Preparing to Smoke a Cigar in a Car

Smoking a cigar in a car requires a bit more preparation than smoking a cigarette or cigarillo. Plan ahead by cutting your cigar before you start driving. It’s also a good idea to light it with a torch lighter before you turn on the engine. This way, you won’t have to struggle with lighting it while driving.

Consider how you will ash the cigar. Flicking ash out the window is not ideal. Many cars have built-in ashtrays, but they might not trap the scent well, especially if you need to stub out the cigar. To avoid the lingering smell of cigar smoke, invest in a car ashtray with a lid. These fit into your car’s cup holder, allowing you to safely ash your cigar and keep the smell contained.

Keeping Your Car Fresh

To keep your car from smelling like cigar smoke, ensure good ventilation. Adjust your AC to pull air in from outside and keep the windows open. This helps release the smoke and prevents the odor from settling into your car.

Since smoke clings to everything, it’s important to clean up after smoking. Empty the ashtray, wash it thoroughly, and dispose of any cigar tips. Use fabric sprays like Febreze or Ozium to remove any lingering smells from your car seats and carpet. A scented vent clip can also help keep your car smelling fresh the next time you turn on the AC.

Other Quick Tips for Beginners

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Enjoy your drive and your smoke responsibly, and remember, our brand RODSTY, written by Grace, is here to guide you through every puff, ensuring your cigar experience is always top-notch.

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