A Review Of Those Tasty Little Black & Mild Cigars


The History Of Black & Mild Cigars

John Middleton’s tobacco legacy began in 1856 with a small Philadelphia tobacco shop catering to local pipe and cigar enthusiasts. As a master blender, John crafted a high-quality pipe tobacco mix that remains popular today. In the 1960s, Middleton’s company identified a market niche: many smokers enjoyed the taste and aroma of pipe tobacco but disliked the hassle of smoking a pipe. To meet this demand, they invented Black & Mild Cigars—a plastic-tipped cigar with a homogenized wrapper and binder, filled with Middleton’s aromatic pipe tobacco. The innovation proved successful, making Black & Mild one of the most popular machine-made cigars globally.

Today, operating from two facilities in Limerick and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, the company has introduced new blends to enhance the original Black & Mild lineup. Let’s explore these 5 x 30 plastic and wood-tipped treats.

Black & Mild Flavors

Black & Mild Apple: This cigar offers the aromatic pleasure of pipe tobacco without the fuss. Premium Burley and Black Cavendish tobaccos are infused with the bittersweet essence of tangy green apple. The room smells like a New England produce stand, and the flavor lingers on the palate, making for a delightful 5 x 30 smoke. Pair it with a glass of apple cider and an oatmeal cookie for a heavenly experience.

Black & Mild Cream: For those with a sweet tooth, the Black & Mild Cream tipped cigars satisfy cravings without adding inches to your waistline. This 5 x 30 stick features a blend of premium light Cavendish, Kentucky Burley, and sweet cream. The cigar tastes as delightful as it smells, and those around you might feel like visiting a bakery.

Black & Mild Mild: For smokers seeking a hint of flavor, the Black & Mild Mild is perfect. This blend includes golden Virginia and bright Cavendish tobaccos infused with soft vanilla. Pair it with a cup of cocoa for a relaxing experience that melts away daily stress. Add a marshmallow, and you might feel like slipping into a blissful coma.

Black & Mild Wood Tip

Black & Mild Wood Tip: This unique cigar in the lineup has a 29 ring gauge and replaces the plastic mouthpiece with a wooden tip. The wood adds a nutty component to the blend of Burley, Cavendish, and Virginia tobaccos. Enjoy a Black & Mild Wood Tip with your morning coffee for a creamy, smooth, and mild start to your day.

Black & Mild Pipe Tobacco

Black & Mild Pipe Tobacco: The blend that started it all—fragrant and dark Black Cavendish, Kentucky Burley, and ripe Golden Virginia—creates a taste as delicious as a chocolate chip cookie. The aroma is so enticing that it might make those around you drool. As the box proudly states, “Tastes Great! Smells Great!”


In summary, Black & Mild cigars offer a variety of flavors and blends that cater to different tastes. From the tangy Apple to the sweet Cream and the subtly flavored Mild, there is something for everyone. The unique Wood Tip adds a different dimension to the smoking experience, while the original Pipe Tobacco blend remains a classic favorite. These cigars, like the beloved Cheesesteak, are truly a pride of Pennsylvania!

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